About REMU

REMU Brand and Company History

History of REMU brand reach back to 1980’s when first trommel screens were manufactured by the design of Esa Ahopelto, Mauri Kuhmonen and Ossi Rissanen. Couple of years later REMU started to be internationally known brand and until these days in the U.S. one might have run into a REMU trommel screen manufactured in the eighties and still in good working condition. Development work of screening buckets started a bit later. First prototypes were manufactured at the beginning of 90’s. With the REMU brand screening bucket has been sold from the year 1997. At the same time design of the rotating blades was utilized also in Combi screening plants.
As years went by companies and even businesses changed but all the time interest towards earth moving machinery stayed. When Mr Ossi Rissanen with his business associates established REMU (previously known as ST-Tekniikka) at the year 1997, company’s main business was subcontracting metal structures. From 1997 to 2005 subcontracting was profitable business and company grew and expanded its operation to Lehtimäki and Virrat in addition to Ähtäri. Besides of subcontracting company continued to develop screening devices. By the year 2006, the development work of company’s own products reached the point, where decision to give up subcontracting and concentrating to manufacturing of own products, were made. 2004 product range was broaden as manufacturing of Big Float amphibious excavators started. News about unique floating excavator spread fast generating growing demand year after year.
At the year 2007 first subsidiary was opened to USA. Operations were started by Juha Salmi and Hanna Rissanen who stayed in the US until end of the 2008. At the 2009 company changed its name officially to REMU and later in that year subsidiary was established to Germany. A year later REMU opened one more subsidiary to Norway. In the year 2010 company went through change of generation as Mr Ossi Rissanen sold majority of company’s share to Juha Salmi and Hanna Rissanen.
2011 REMU made the largest investment in the company’s history as the new production facilities, worth of 5 M€, was built. At the same year new owners were awarded a regional entrepreneur of the year 2011 prize by Federation of Finnish Enterprises.