REMU Padding Bucket

The PD3160 is specially designed and manufactured with most durable materials and up to date engineering in screening buckets technology to fulfil requirements and overcome challenges of pipeline projects, trench backfilling and other demanding heavy duty applications.

Technical Data

Metric Imperial
Mass* 2930 kg 6460 lbs
Volume (ISO) 2 2,6 yd³
Screening area 1,5 16 ft²
Width 2140 mm 84 inch
Depth 1660 mm 65 inch
Height 1600 mm 63 inch
Maximum allowed pressure 300 bar 4600 PSI
Maximum allowed flow 220 L/min 58 Gal/min
Recommended excavator size 30-40 tons 65-90 lbs
Recommended wheel loader size 10-16 tons 21-35 lbs