Screener Crusher module

It takes only ten minutes to connect your Crossover frame with the Screener Crusher module. The Screener Crusher module is an excellent choice when you need to grind lumpy material, for example, chemicals or topsoil that contains grass lumps. The Screener Crusher module has crushing blades that effectively push materials through the element to make them finer. It can crush wood and roof tiles, but it is not suitable for crushing concrete or stones.



The Screener Crusher module is widely used for:

  • Grinding organic material like grass lumps and roots for compost
  • Mixing and aerating compost to accelerate the process
  • Grinding various packed materials to make them loose again
  • Crushing roof tiles

Technical Data

The Screener Crusher module comes in two different sizes depending on the XO frame bucket.

Model Excavator/Loader Hydraulic flow Max Hydraulic Pressure Width(A) Rotor Width(B) Depth(C) Height(D) Weight1
Tons L/Min Bar cm cm cm cm Kg
SC2090 ≥5 / ≥1,5 30-80 400 120 90 40 80 290 2
SC2150 ≥8 / ≥3 40-80 400 180 150 40 80 415 3
  • 1 Module weights differ from each other depending on the blade type used. This table indicates the weight of modules with a blade model 2304, with 30 mm spacing and 10 mm thickness.
  • 2 Including cleaning comb frames and combs 28 kg.
  • 3 Including cleaning comb frames and combs 40 kg.